Mini Ombre Rainbows


Rainbows—a classic favorite from childhood! Updated for adult appeal, our Mini Ombre Rainbows feature subdued colors in nude, tan, mustard, burgundy, and blue.  With eight distinct color and shape variations, space and place each of the 50 Rainbows in the formation of your choosing!

Product Details

  • 50 decals total:
  • Each is 6” wide
  • Easily removable without causing wall damage (however, decals are not reusable)
  • For best results, do not use on textured walls, e-mail us for samples at
  • Please be advised decals have a white textured background, we recommend placing decals on white wall
  • Sample - 1-2 rainbows (smaller versions of the 6" rainbows)
  • Quick installation (easy-to-understand application instructions included)
  • Cut from specialized vinyl (with no edges or backgrounds) specifically designed for home décor
  • Matte finish
  • Long-lasting (think years!)